Probate and Estate Administration

With our extensive knowledge of estate and trust administration and probate law, we help our clients successfully and efficiently navigate these complex and often confusing areas of the law. Our experience runs the gamut from small, routine estates to large, disputed estates with complex tax, business, and fiduciary issues- there are very few issues our attorneys have not encountered. We regularly appear in Probate Courts in the Atlanta metropolitan area and in counties throughout the state.

Why choose us

  • We specialize in probate law, estate administration and fiduciary issues
  • Our attorneys are experienced administering all types of estates and trusts
  • Extensive experience in Probate Courts throughout Georgia
  • Efficient, courteous and professional service
  • Effective communications
  • Useful backgrounds in business law, tax law and accounting
  • We represent heirs, beneficiaries, administrators, executors, trustees, and estate creditors
  • Expertise in tax minimization for estates
  • We have a proven track record of effective solutions and satisfied clients