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Post Divorce Estate Planning To Do List

Nov 30, 2018

Wills are important to express your desires in the event of your untimely death. It is especially important to have one if you have accumulated a great deal of wealth. Although drawing up a will is not the most pleasant subject to think about, you...

How and When You Should Change Your Will

Nov 26, 2018

Your last will and testament governs how you want your property distributed, who should care for your children, and who should handle your affairs after you pass away. After you sign a will, circumstances may change that necessitate revision of your...

Estate Planning and Gifting

Nov 23, 2018

When most people decide to create an estate plan, they think it will simply indicate which individuals get certain aspects of the estate. However, it is often not this easy. For many people who decide to create an estate plan, they often fail to...

Tis the Season to Talk to Your Family About Estate Planning

Nov 19, 2018

Death is not something you want to spend a lot of time talking about. But at some point, you must sit down and speak to your family about the division and distribution of your estate when you pass on. This is best done with the help and advice of...

Why You Should Consider Creating a Trust

Oct 24, 2018

Many people are not sure if it is better to have a will or a trust. One of the fundamental differences between a revocable living trust and a will is privacy. Wills need to go through the probate process in open court. An artfully drafted revocable...

What Parents Should Know About Estate Plans

Oct 17, 2018

Information Parents Should Have Regarding Effective Estate Planning Effectively planning your estate can be a very challenging task. It can be difficult to properly navigate all of the inner-workings of estate planning if you do not have prior...